The Association “Saint Jean-Marie Vianney Lausanne” (ASJMVL) was set up in 2007 under articles 60 and foll. of the Swiss Civil code, on a non-profit-making basis. Recognized as a public utility, it benefits from the tax exemption of the canton of Vaud (Switzerland). It aims to help and support the mission of Bishop Peter Bürcher in Switzerland and abroad.


Your donations make it possible to give priority support to the Christians in the Holy Land, where the Bishop Emeritus of Reykjavik lives now half of the year in their service.

In order to limit the costs, we will not make systematic acknowledgments but, on request, we will gladly send you a certificate for the tax exemption to confirm your payment.


We would like to thank you warmly for your indispensable and much appreciated support!

Association Saint Jean-Marie Vianney Lausanne

CH - 1018 Lausanne